a cat kissed me yesterday and i didnt even know her 

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sad cat man/ren belongs to tay 

i couldn’t decide which one i liked better 


words that start with the letter “s”

saprophyte: plant living on dead or decaying matter

sanguinolent: bloodthirsty

sepulchral: funereal or gloomy

serotinous: flowering late

somatasthenia: weakness of the body

sparagmos: ritualized tearing apart of a person

spinneret: silk-spinning organ of an insect or spider

syzygy: alignment of celestial bodies

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Schrödinger opens the box and nothing changes.

The cat lacks vital signs (no heartbeat, no breathing, no brain function): the cat is dead.

The cat exhibits continued animation (blinking, walking, nudging his hand with its little head): the cat is alive.

Schrödinger is afraid.

That has not changed, either.

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computerized redux edit by ego!

live preview | code


  • toggleable text shadow
  • infinite scroll
  • six custom links
  • hidden description until hover
  • toggleable music player
  • fixed image thats moveable
  • sidebar image (preferably one that can be resized easily)
  • rainbow links on hoverover!! (that can be turned off)

happy theme-ing!!

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Okay, Humans, This Drawer Is Perfect for All My Treats – Stock It Up!

Thanks, Andrea, Bryon and bunny Bailey! Andrea writes:

Here is a photo of our rescue bunny Bailey. We are in the process of moving into a new home. Bailey has been very busy helping us determine what should go where. Today she inspected this chest of drawers to make sure her bunny things could be stored there!

We think Bailey is 3 years old and is a Holland mix of sorts. She’s been in our family for 2 1/2 years now.